Karaoke-DJ Wedding on the Water

Lakefront Wedding Westchester County

Em and Mike were married under a Lakefront tent in South Salem Westchester NY last Sunday evening. It was a special night of great music, friends and food and a 6 hour event felt as if it were a 1 hour event!

Lakefront Wedding Westchester county

There were actually two tents. The first tent held the wedding ceremony and after dinner dancing and the other tent housed guests for dinner and what a dinner it was!

Tent Two Dinner Tent

Tent Wedding Westchester county

DJ Dave and his assistant Chris set up two compact bose speakers with wireless transmitters so that one bose was covering one tent and the other bose was covering the dinner tent. After dinner Chris moved the dinner bose speaker into the tent with dancing for a fuller sound for the dance floor.

Compact Wireless bose facing the dinner tent

compact bose wedding ny

Here is DJ Dave Swirsky set up for the wedding under the Ceremony/Reception tent before guests arrived. The weather was perfect in Westchester County with no humidity and VERY few bugs..thankfully!

DJ Dave Swirsky

There was a lot of dancing and also a lot of singing as DJ Dave also was hired to host karaoke! Dave did dj only sets and when karaoke was going on guests danced as well!

Tent wedding

Here the bride and groom are singing the first song by Bruce Springsteen “Thunder Road”. Guests signed up quickly after and DJ Dave went back and forth seamlessly between singing and dancing!

karaoke westchester wedding

Lakefront wedding westchester county

From: Em M
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 12:01 PM
To: david@expresswaymusic.com
Cc: Mike R
Subject: Thank you

Hi David,

 We’re still hearing from guests how much they loved the music! Some of our friends couldn’t believe that we hadn’t given you a list of specific artists or songs because everything you played was so spot on. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job and for being so easy to work with! We’ll definitely be passing your info along to everyone we know in the area!!


Em & Mike