Kids Karaoke Birthday Parties 2024 Fun!

We have been providing Kids Karaoke dj services since 1992 and singing and dancing seems to only get busier every year!!! Here are a sampling of the kids parties we have done so far in 2024. (*we also do Corporate karaoke, karaoke after parties, karaoke at weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and much more!

Taylor Swift Theme Karaoke Birthday parties

our Karaoke dj’s have been extra busy with Taylor Swift theme Karaoke parties. here are a few videos from some of them. (please know that our karaoke song library is VAST! We have songs from almost every genre and era and keep up to date on a daily basis!)

Kids karaoke party NYC 2024
Taylor Swift theme karaoke birthday party New York City
Taylor Swift karaoke party Larchmont NY

Karaoke and Photo booth birthday parties

Many times we are hired by clients whose kids have to invite their entire grade and would like an additional entertainment to the Karaoke DJ and they opt for one of our state of the art photo booths.

Here is a video of a karaoke party with our 360 degree booth

Expressway Music 360 booth for kids party in NYC
360 booth and karaoke set up before kids enter room for Birthday party

Karaoke and DJ for singing and DANCING and more

Most of the parties we are karaoke dj for the kids want to keep singing however if our DJ needs to fill in with other activities they will. They will mix it up between singing, dancing, trivia, games and more.

Cotton Eye Joe at Westchester Beach Club (in between karaoke songs)
Limbo in Greenwich CT!

We get letters

Our karaoke dj’s are special in the fact that they deeply care about every single event they are on and do their absolute best to make each party the best it can possibly be without forcing it in any way. Here are some grateful clients (whom we appreciate very much!)

I keep meaning to send this email and keep forgetting. But I just wanted to thank you for the service that Sabrina provided to my daughter’s birthday party on 1/20/24. She arrived right on time and was really helpful in setting things up for the party.She kept the energy going the entire time and went out of her way to accommodate all of the requests from the party goers.\She was very pleasant to work with and made sure all of the kids had a great time. Thank you again for helping make everything go so smoothly!
Best regards,

If you would like more information about our Kids Karaoke birthday parties or rentals contact owner/dj Dave Swirsky or CALL

Thank you!

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