Best of 2023 Karaoke party videos from Expressway Music

We have been providing karaoke dj services since 1992 and 2023 had some of the most exciting karaoke parties and events to date. Here are some videos from some of the diverse events we provide entertainment for from 2023!! i guess you could say it’s our Best of karaoke videos for 2023!

Bowlero Karaoke on the Lanes!

We are hired often to do parties and events at the Various Bowlero’s in NYC and beyond. Bowlero is a great organization. Their staff is always first rate and their bowling lanes are clean and unique! This particular party we connected our system up in a way where Bowlers coudl bowl and sing karaoke! We put the words on the giant screens..we also coupled the karaoke with MTV like videos inbetween the karaoke singers and the client had so much fun they kept us two extra hours!! Watch the boss sing TLC!

TAYLOR SWIFT Karaoke on New Years Eve

Every New Years Eve we are hired by the amazing Tokyo Record Bar to provide Karaoke DJ services and truly it doesn’t get more fun than this. The music list is so diverse and every year just gets more fun. Watch these girlfriends have a blast singing Taylor Swifts “Love Story”.

Killer Karaoke at IBM

WE provide top karaoke dj’s to corporate client events in and out of New York City. This event was held at the IBM Learning Center in Westchester NY. Our DJ (Dave Swirsky) said that guests kept him 2 extra hours and that NO ONE wanted to leave!! (that’s how we like it btw!!!) Watch “Mr. Brightside” below.

cowbell at no add’l fee

Karaoke tribute to NYC

Some songs naturally have a way that gets EVERYONE involved in singing it. The meaning and chorus are so good that no matter how many times you sing the words it never gets old…”Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey, “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond and this one (see below vide)”Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z will forever be Ameican “standards” for their infectious melodies/words. check out this special moment from a few months back at a Coproate event we did for Carnegie Corporation in NYC

Karaoke dj at Brooklyn Wedding

We are hired OFTEN to provide Karaoke and DJ Services for weddings all over the New York Tri state area. We are often in Brooklyn NY. The following is a GREAT moment from Threes Brewing Gowanus a great venue with an exceptional-friendly staff! While we provided many weddings this year with dj-karaoke this is one of our favorite moments(who doesn’t love a smiling bride?!!!!)

and the winner is……..

While 2023 was FILLED with many incredible moments the following is our winner for the top moment when guests spontaneously broke into a conga line singing “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfleld.