Karaoke Corporate Event

Karaoke Corporate Event

Bar 9 on the Upper West Side hosted a 1980’s themed Karaoke event for a Law Firm and Money Management firm Last night. Expressway Music DJ Dave Swirsky was the Karaoke dj and as you can see from the following photos and videos everyone had a great time. In fact guests sang for 4.5 hours without a break!

Come on, Eileen!

80’s Karaoke Event in New York City from Expressway Music on Vimeo.

“Man in the Mirror”

Man in the Mirror Karaoke Performance from Expressway Music on Vimeo.

Songs were sung from many 80’s stars and even sang some songs not from the 80’s!

80's karaoke night

Watch the girls sing a song from Destiny’s Child (90’s)

Corporate Karaoke Party from Expressway Music on Vimeo.

Expressway Music is hired often for Both DJ and Karaoke services and is a great form of entertainment for a corporate event/party. Our dj’s are expert at seamless transitions between singing and dancing. Ask us for top corporate references. We can provide many!!!

Here’s a letter to us from the very happy client!

From: Elya
Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 5:55 PM
To: david@expresswaymusic.com;
Subject: Thank you


 I just wanted to thank you again for doing such an amazing job with the event! We have been hearing nothing but rave reviews from our partners and clients. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving break and a great holiday season! I’m sure I’ll have the pleasure of seeing you again soon.


Elya  | Business Development Specialist