Corporate Karaoke Party

Corporate Karaoke Party

Sushi Samba hosted a Corporate teambuilding event on their roof recently and Expressway Music’s owner/DJ Dave Swirsky did a dj and karaoke mix that was so good they did 1.5 hours of Overtime. At first there was a Karaoke contest and afterwards DJ Dave opened it up to Open karaoke and of course dancing!

corporate karaoke event

The contest consisted of 8 teams of 5 members each team. There were 3 rounds and each team chose there song for each round from the abbreviated Karaoke list DJ Dave brought with him. (the abbreviated list consisted of popular, relatively easy songs to sing from the 60’s until now)

Corporate Karaoke party

Here is a photo of Expressway Music owner/dj Dave Swirsky before guests arrived.

Karaoke event NYC

DJ Dave Swirsky

And here is a photo of our Karaoke/dj set up. The tv on the stand is for the karaoke words. The Bose speaker is against the wall to the left!

karaoke equipment set up

Sushi Samba has great fresh food and is a very eclectic accessible space. We recommend!!!

From: Stephanie
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2016 2:34 PM
Subject:  Thank you!

Hi David,

 Everyone had a blast! Thanks so much for making it such a memorable evening!!



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