Karaoke DJ at Fishbowl

Fishbowl Karaoke DJ Events

We are very fortunate to have our Karaoke DJ Services recommended by “The Fishbowl” at the Dream Hotel. The Fishbowl is a brand new, hip and ultra unique Party and event space located on the lower level of the Dream. This is an IDEAL space to have a Karaoke event with a stage, state of the art sound system and multiple large screen televisions throughout the venue.

Fishbowl karaoke dj event

Our DJ’s bring multiple wireless microphones to give Singers (guests) the option weather to sing on the stage or virtually anywhere in the venue. Below are two TV’s that are set up over a mini bowling set up that the venue also provides!

Dream Hotel Karaoke DJ

Here is a photo of me at the beginning of the Holiday party for BET. I am set up on the right side of the stage (near the bowling lanes) where it is easy to set up thru the venues sound and video system.

Dream Hotel Fishbowl Karaoke DJ

Most of the Corporate clients put their Logo on the screens appear in between Karaoke performances. Below is BET (Black Entertainment Television)Holiday Logo.

BET Karaoke DJ

Below is a video of one of the first performers of the evening for this company (a worldwide Law firm)and it morphed into a huge Karaoke fest with a Lot of dancing as well!

We love providing our Karaoke and DJ Services to clients of the Fishbowl. The parties are always Outstanding and we get to work with the amazing staff there as well!

Dream Hotel