Karaoke at the Yale Club

Yale Club Event

I dj a lot of Corporate events here in NYC and most of the time guests need a little time to relax enough to begin dancing or singing(karaoke)…however, this company (an executive search firm) didn’t waste a moment and began singing and dancing immediately!  Karaoke was a huge hit. Guests sang everything from the Backstreet Boys to Led Zeppelin and there were country songs, latin songs, broadway songs and much more. BTW, the Rooftop of the Yale Club is a great place to hold a party/event! Have you ever witnessed a Karaoke Hora? It happened at this Yale Club Event last week…watch….

As you can see this was an extraordinary fun group who work hard and who obviously play hard! It went on like this for a few hours (singing and dancing)

Yale club event

And of course you can’t have a karaoke night without a song from Madonna!!