Karaoke at NYC Sweet 16

Lotte New York Palace Sweet 16

Ashley, although being only 16 years old, is a budding fashion designer with a lot of talent. Sunday night she had a Fashioned themed Sweet 16 at Lotte New York Palace Hotel.

Lotte New York Palace Sweet 16

Everything about this party was Fun, Cool and Hip. Look at her birthday Cake (designed by Ron Ben-Israel). There were a number of very moving speeches by Her Mom, Dad and numerous friends and relatives.

Lotte New York Palace Sweet 16

I am always excited to be working with our Outstanding Emcee/Dancer Alberto. Alberto is loved by Kids and Adults and is never over the top all the while being fun and engaging! You could tell that guests (young and old) related well with Alberto and even asked him to do an impromptu dance (he is a professional dancer as well)

Lotte New York Palace DJ

As with every great party there was plenty of dancing and even singing as they had DJ Dave bring Karaoke! The Karaoke was sprinkled throughout the party and was truly, as Ashley’s Mom put it, a “Great Addition to the party”!!

The Montage was a huge success! (Ashley created it and we provided Projector and Screen)

the palace hotel party

Ashley is a wonderful girl from a wonderful family and we wish her the best of luck in everything she does!!!!

Lotte Palace Party