Karaoke at NYC Bar Mitzvah

Fishbowl Bar Mitzvah at Dream Hotel NYC

Eli celebrated his Bar Mitzvah with his closest 80 friends at The Dream Hotel’s amazing event space the Fishbowl. We provided the DJ (me), Our Emcee (Jay), two Dancers (Tiffany and Kimber) and the amazingly popular Karaoke!

The Fishbowl @ The Dream Hotel

The Fishbowl is one of the most unique spaces here in the city. In addition to the most amazing fish tanks (more like an aquarium) in the middle of the venue there are 2 lanes for Bowling, a modern, enclosed photo booth, skeeball games, pac man tables and huge giant screen TV’s all over (which makes it PERFECT for karaoke!) The kids had an absolute blast with the karaoke…here is another video…

Hora and Dancing

The party began by our emcee Jay announcing the Hora. It was an energetic hora with 8 minutes of non stop dancing and Eli being lifted in the air! It was pretty much non stop dancing and singing all evening!

fishbowl bar mitzvah nyc

that’s Eli’s mom helping our dancers lead this dance!

Two of Eli’s friends got on stage to lead this dance!

Bar Mitzvah Games

Our Emcee Jay initiated an epic game of Coke & Pepsi. The kids LOVED it!

Bar Mitzvah game at Dream Hotel Mitzvah

Coke and Pepsi Game



Emcee Jay and our dancers handed out raffle tickets all party long to any kid participating in singing, dancing, games and whomever answered our trivia questions correctly. Towards the end of the party Jay and the Bar Mitzvah boy Eli called out the numbers and gave our prizes (supplied by Eli’s parents)that included gift cards, phone charges, towels and much more!

Bar Mitzvah DJ New York

Expressway Music Bar Mitzvah Crew

Expressway Music Emcee, DJ and Dancers

Emcee Jay, DJ Dave Swirsky, Dancers Tiffany & Kimber

The Fishbowl

The Fishbowl is a truly special event space. It is rare that you get a 5 star staff, food and venue all in one place. We feel so fortunate that we have DJ’d here often.


If you are looking to hold any type of private or corporate event we couldn’t recommend the Fishbowl more!!!

Letter from Bar Mitzvah Mom

We just got this lovely email from Dana, Eli’s Mom,..thank you so much Dana!

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Re: Thank you
Date: 2017-05-17 11:35
From: Dana
To: David <david@expresswaymusic.com>

Everyone had a great time and I think karaoke will be THE bar-mitzvah activity when the kids come back from summer vacation next fall. Thanks for such a wonderful experience working with you and your entire team. You made the evening a blast and the whole family–especially Eli–had so much fun. The over-40s among us of course spent the rest of the weekend scratching our heads at how “Sweet Caroline” became so popular with the teen set. Go figure!

All the best,