Holiday Christmas Karaoke DJ Events

Karaoke DJ Office Parties

Our DJ’s were quite busy this month with Xmas parties and events. We have been providing Karaoke DJ Services since we began back in 1992 and as you can see Karaoke just keeps getting more and more popular!!! Thank you to all our amazing clients!!!

Here is a photo of our amazing DJ Alberto at one of the many parties he hosted….

full frontal of DJ Alberto and his dj and karaoke equipment

DJ Alberto Karaoke/DJ in NYC

Here is a photo of Our DJ Dieter’s Karaoke Set up

view of tv on stand for DJ Dieter's karaoke holiday gig

DJ Dieter’s Karaoke Set up

If you are having an event and looking for high quality Karaoke and DJ Services please call us! 212-953-9367.