Weekly Karaoke Nights

We host Weekly Karaoke Nights all over Manhattan NYC and Westchester NY (White Plains, Scarsdale, Purchase, Mt.Kisco) etc) at Bars/Restaurants/Bowling Centers etc. If you are the owner or manager and are looking for a karaoke night at your venue please contact us! We have a long, successful track record of highly profitable Karaoke nights and our average residency is 7 + years.

Expressway Music Karaoke Promo Video from Expressway Music on Vimeo.

Our Karaoke Song Book

We are constantly updating our Karaoke Song Library (type in KJNYC) and proudly say that our Karaoke song list is the
most complete of any available in New York City and Westchester NY including songs from many international

Karaoke Hosts
Our Karaoke hosts are all seasoned pros and know how to conduct a professional Karaoke night. They each have years of experience hosting Karaoke nights in Irish Bars and Taverns, Sports Bars and Restaurants in New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey and Westchester NY. They know how to keep your regulars coming back every week as well as cultivating new paying clientele coming in all the time. They know it’s all about keeping guests happy drinking and eating and coming back every week to sing, drink and eat.

How Karaoke nights can increase a Bar/Tavern Profits

Marketing Help

We have a strong Social Media presence and Make daily postings about our nightly gigs. Our in house staff also will design the promo flyers (just give us your logo and other important information that you want your clients to know and we will customize the flyer to your specs.  We also make weekly mailings to our ever increasing mailing list of truly great clients.

Contact us!
We’ve been DJ’ing Karaoke venues
in New York City, Brooklyn, Westchester NY since 1992. Please ask us for recent
references. We have many! Please contact Owner/DJ Dave Swirsky or Event Coordinator
Charissa for more information at 212-953-9367 or Email Us.