Karaoke Corporate Event at Roosevelt Hotel NYC

The Event

It was 4 hours of Karaoke Idol as it was meant to be last night at NY City’s The Roosevelt Hotel

Roosevelt Hotel Karaoke Idol

The Group

Retail executives from Around the Country and Canada for Calvin Klein had a Karaoke contest last night. After each song executives from Calvin Klein judged each act.

The Contest Results

Best Group Performance was won by the group who sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen
Best Solo Performance was won by the person who sang “Weak” by SWV
Best Duet Performance was won by the guys who sang “UpTown Funk” by Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson

After the contest, Karaoke was opened to anyone/group.


Thank you to Charlie, everyone at CK and Joe at Mertz Productions for helping to make this such an amazing event and truly so much fun!

Karaoke NYC