Kids Karaoke Party

Kids Karaoke Party

Karaoke birthday parties….The Voice karaoke parties…….Hamilton(and other Broadway Shows)
…..Beatles….Frozen…Show Music…Classic Rock..Disney and Much more!!!

Once you give kids the microphone, it’s sometimes hard to get them
to relinquish it later. We are great with children, and we go out of our
way to make sure every kid at the party has fun. We come to you and
do kid karaoke party’s in and outside of NYC-New York City.

Here is a recent video of various Karaoke parties by Expressway Music:

What makes our kids’ Karaoke parties so special?

Anyone can buy the equipment, spin tunes or do Karaoke. But not
everyone has the time, temperament and experience necessary to
insure that your child’s party will be a memorable success.

Since 1992 we pride ourselves on being terrific kid karaoke
party hosts.
Our kids karaoke hosts understand that children’s parties

will typically represent a big event in the child’s life and that, at least in
their own eyes, a successful party will have a bearing on how “cool” they
come across to their friends.


Our hosts are sensitive as to which kids are outgoing and which are
more introspective. While they’ll help your child’s party be extra-special
by getting everyone involved in the fun, they’ll take extra care not to force
reluctant kids participate if they really don’t want to. You can also expect
them to make helpful suggestions and offer friendly encouragement to any
kid in front of the mike.

kids karaoke party ny

Our standard children’s party

Our Karaoke DJ- helps generate and sustain positive energy, supportive,
helps kids choose songs
and will help if kids get stuck. Most of the time
kids like to sing in groups…our host/dj will never single any child
out or ever make them feel self

Over 15,000 Songs to choose from, including many current up to date songs
and artists.
We bring karaoke system(doesn’t take a lot of space)including tv monitor,

microphones.Bose Speaker etc We constantly update our catalog to keep current.

Our KJ will do Karaoke, DJ (and while most of the time kids want to just keep singing if there is a lull then our DJ will engage the kids with games)

Suggested Length of Kids Parties 

  •  Ages 5 & 6 = 1 Hour
  •  Ages 7 & 8 = 1.5 Hours
  •  Ages 8 and up = 2 hours
  • *(we are not a party place. We come to you in or outside of Manhattan-NYC-new York)

All Styles of Music: Frozen, Annie, Broadway, Abba, Taylor Swift, Beatles,
Katy Perry, The Voice, TV Themes, Show Music, Classic Rock and much,
much more.

Karaoke at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

We are booked often to DJ many New York City Bat/Bar Mitzvahs. It’s the perfect entertainment for the kids during cocktail hour and, if done with thought and skill, during the party. Often adults join the kids. It’s very inclusive and fun. Here is a video of a recent Bat Mitzvah at the India House in NYC with the kids singing Walk the Moons-“shut up and dance”

For More information about our Karaoke parties CALL or Email Expressway Music (David or Charissa)